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Beautiful, colorful strap combinations for your timepiece

Be pampered with our wide collection of shoes for your watch! These colorful arrays of watch straps are fashioned from genuine calf leather and are extremely comfortable for daily wear. Every single strap is woven with milk white nylon threads which creates beautiful contrast with its dyed leather. All of our leather watch straps are splash resistant as they are protected with our natural concoction of bee wax, castor oil and coconut oil.

Leather watch straps


22mm Leather Watch Straps

Men loves different types of watches. That’s an undeniable fact. Intrinsically, they love nothing more than an practical item that not only looks attractive but has a construction that consists of myriad gears and involves a lot of craftsmanship. But there is a limit to our pockets, especially when we look at men watch brands magazines on the latest interesting watches for men. That is when men starts looking for alternatives to change the look of their existing timepieces rather than picking up a new watch each time horological ennui sets in. Changing leather watch strap is a quick and inexpensive way for fickle-minded watch enthusiasts to revitalize the look of their best dress watches. This is probably why the watch strap market grew rapidly throughout the years. If the watch strap you are replacing is attached using a standard spring bar system, then you can change it easily using a screwdriver to remove the spring bar. In Singapore, many watch enthusiasts prefer leather watch straps due to its hot humid weather. Wearing a stainless steel bracelet can be heavy, cause skin irritation and trap sweat under the inside of the bracelet. Despite the advantages of wearing leather watch straps, leather straps may smell as sweat soaks through them. Hence, it is important to get a quality genuine leather strap. Perhaps the best part of swapping straps is the kind of variety you get to choose from. We have six different straps for you to choose from, with each color symbolizing different personalities and meanings. All of our 22mm leather watch straps are aged by our own natural concoction of leather protection wax which consists of bee wax, coconut oil and castor oil, creating an unique aged look. It is perfect for vintage watches such as our hand crafted unique vintage watches