The Charm and Character of Handtextured Dials


Our unique vintage watches are beautifully crafted by our artisans. Every dial is handmade, carefully aged, treated and sometimes even baked to create that vintage look which differentiates itself from the mass produced timepieces. Assembled carefully in a sandblasted 316L stainless case with a beautiful scratch-proof sapphire crystal, it is a perfect timepiece for vintage lovers.

The Appeal of Artisan Watches

Sometimes, not everyone is into sporting the best dress watches. Men wear different types of watches for different reasons. While the mechanics of the watch intrigues a lot of men, some of them likes the status image that is attached to certain brands. Luxurious men watch brands such as Tag Heuer and Uboat affiliate themselves with a certain lifestyle such as sport, racing cars, sailing as well as material status. As years goes by where the market is saturated with high end luxurious watches for men, there is an increasing number of watch lovers getting more interested in handmade timepieces which stands out from the rest. To begin with, handmade watches are much rarer due to the fact that a watchmaker can only produce a certain number of watches per week. Furthermore, Every of our dials is carefully aged, textured and sometimes baked to produce that unique look, thus no two dials of the same design will look exactly the same. On the other hand, there is really nothing much special with watches manufactured by factories which can produce hundreds of watches in a short period of time. Moreover, if you are a fan of vintage timepieces, our hand textured dials add a unique vintage flavor to the originality and vintage feel of our artisan watches. With our colorful array of genuine 22mm leather watch straps, you will be able to bring a different look to your timepiece every single day.