Best Dress
Watches For Men

Smart, Elegant and Perfect with a Suit

Crafted from the best materials

Our dress watches are perhaps the most notable additions to REEDSCO’s line up of unique artisan watches. Crafted from the best materials, our cases are built using 316L surgical grade stainless steel and only scratch-resistant sapphire crystals are utilized for perfection. Every timepiece is also professionally pressured test to at least 5 atm.

The Ticking poison

Why men do love watches? What is it about the watch that men have a love affair with? Men have always had this fascinating desire about complicated machines which includes cars, gadgets and of course watches. To begin with, watches are not merely timekeepers to men. Despite invasion of smart phones and smart watches such as the apple watch which provide far more accuracy in time-telling, men are still buying and appreciating quality dress watches. It is evident that men appreciate watches other than its time telling functions. To them, watches are masterpieces and fashion accessories that display craftsmanship, tradition and and sometimes even exhibit the personality of the person. In fact, an average men owns more than two watches in his collection. In fact, one of our customers owns more than 30 pieces of timepieces in his collection. This is the biggest reason why watch are still big business today and most probably it is still going to stay in that way in years to come. However, there are so many types of watches brands out there in the market, which are the recommended watches for men? Luxurious watch brands such as Rolex and Panerai are definitely the first to comes to your mind even if you are not a watch lover. Due to their widely successful (and expensive) marketing campaigns, these luxurious watch brands are often associated with successful executives who are classy individuals that belong to high society. For example, Tudor has recently announced David Beckham as the brand ambassador for their watches. In 2015, Christ Hemsworth, the actor for Thor in Marvel movies was also made TAG Heuer’s international brand ambassador. With brand ambassadors as their marketing campaign, the perceived value of such luxury watches in the mindset of average consumers increases. To save cost, many even tried to save by buying watches online but there has been many cases of replica luxury watches. Some of them were so well made that even experienced watch collectors found it difficult to tell. Despite the popularity of luxury watches, we like to remind watch lovers that quality timepieces can still be available and affordable to the masses. Similar to most of the luxurious men watch brands, we use 316L surgical grade stainless steel and scratch resistant sapphire crystals for our watches. Not only that, we do have a whole array of colorful genuine calf 22mm leather watch straps for you to choose and you can wear different shoes for your watch every single day. If the classic watches are too mainstream and are probably not your usual cup of tea, you might want to check out our vintage artisan watches for vintage timepieces that is exquisitely crafted by our artisans.