Best Watch Brands Under $500 You Should Consider

If we have pockets as deep as Bill Gates to buy any watches we wanted, you can bet the list can go as long as a river.

Unfortunately, we live in the real world where we have limited cash flow. If you have searching for the best affordable watches for men, here is our list of best watch brands under S$500.


There is a good chance that your dad has a Citizen watch lying in his drawer. However, if you think Citizen is a watch brand for uncles, you couldn’t be any more wrong. It’s a still solid and classy timepiece for any working professional who desires a top watch brand look for a reasonable price.


Before you scorn at Seiko, do you know Seiko doesn’t just make cheap quartz watches?

Since 1968, Seiko have been producing high beat caliber mechanical movements and have been attracting fans all over the world. Despite producing one of the most accurate mechanical movements in the world, they are inexpensive and are the best bang for the buck if you are looking to buy a beautiful precise timepiece.

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Victorinox is a knife manufacturer based in Switzerland and and is best known for its Swiss Army knives. However, do you know they manufacture fine watches as well? While the Swiss Army knives made by Victorinox are made of Sandvik which is a type of Swedish steel that is tough and lasting, it is not unsurprising that Victorinox watches are praised for their quality as well.

Victorinox features a variety of watches which ranges from best dress watches to diver watches.


Established in 1892, Hamilton was an well known American watch brand which later integrated to be a part of the famous Swatch Group in Switzerland. Despite being a part of Swatch Group, many of Hamilton watches retain their iconic American look and are still widely loved by watch collectors around the world especially with their 22mm leather watch straps.


We are sure you have heard of Tissot. Who won’t?

Tissot is the official timekeeper for many sporting events and world championships such as cycling, racing, fencing, as well as FIBA basketball and the NBA. While most Tissot watches ranges around S$1000 to S$2000, they do have affordable quartz watches where you can purchase them under $500.