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It is difficult to explain why men have this fascination with complicated machines and watches are definitely one good example. Before you take the plunge to buy your watches for men online, perhaps you should research on the types of watches you are going to get. There are different watches catered for different events and you need to know where or when you want to wear your watch. For instance, you should have a beautiful elegant dress watch for corporate formal events. Luxurious men watch brands such as Rolex are excellent for such events and if you know your stuff, it can even be a good conversation starter if you get to network with business men who are likely to have the same interest. For social events, you can consider a simple causal vintage timepiece or a rugged diver watch. If you are running on a tight budget and have no intent to add new timepieces to your watch collection, you can also consider changing your watch straps as it can change the entire vibe of your watches and change into something informal.