Five Affordable Watch Brands for Men

Watches are sexy, well-oiled machines. While the top watch brands for men feature highly complicated movements with multi-functions, not many people can afford them. Despite so, it doesn’t mean all lower end watches are cringy china-made watches built with crappy parts you see at the night market. If you are looking for affordable watches for men, here are our personal list of five affordable watch brands for men.


You might have forgotten about Timex, we certainly haven’t. We remembered wearing those classic Timex old school quartz watches during our primary school days and almost everyone has one, just in different variety of colors. But do you know Timex is an iconic American brand which has a history of 160 years? Despite the long history, Timex is still known for their inexpensive timepieces and recently came out with a series of unique vintage watches as well as some classic chronograph timepieces.


Fun, inexpensive and cool. Swatch is a Swiss brand known for their wide variety of colors and designs. But did you know Swatch is the first few watch brands which broke the stereotypes of expensive Swiss watch brands?

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In the 1970’s, cheap Japanese quartz watches took over by storm, gaining a huge market share over the Swiss mechanical watches. They are cheap, good and most importantly as reliable as their Swiss mechanical counterparts. With the birth of Swatch in 1983, it rejuvenated the Swiss watch industry with their series of inexpensive, Swiss made plastic watches.


Donning Swatch’s arrays of colorful plastic watches to a wedding probably isn’t very suitable. If you are running on a tight budget but still keen in the best dress watches under $500, Orient is probably a good bet. Orient primarily manufactures inexpensive mechanical watches which includes automatic and manual winding watches which is well loved by watch lovers around the world.

But do you know Orient is actually a subsidiary company own by Seiko Epson Corporation? Moreover, its is really impressive for Orient to manufactures all of its movements in-house in Japan, given its price range of watches.


Being one of the world’s largest producers of watches, there is a good chance that your father might have one Citizen watch lying in his drawer right now. In fact, Citizen was one of the Japanese men watch brands that sparked a revolution of quartz watches during the 1970’s, leading a drop of market share of the Swiss mechanical watches at that time.

The most important breakthrough for Citizen watches was the application of solar power in their quartz watches. The Eco-Drive, Citizen’s most important and successful product launch, can generate power from any kind of light source, artificial, natural and even dim light to power the watches without the need to replace batteries.


You are probably expecting Seiko to come on top of this list. Who wouldn’t? They make excellent watches for men, offering unbeatable value at every price with their commitment to manufacture high precision quartz watches that are on par or probably even better their Swiss counterparts. Their automatic timepieces are probably the most underrated watches of all. No matter what strap you don on, be it a nato strap or a 22mm leather watch strap, Seiko watches look absolutely classic for all situations.

Here is our personal list of affordable watch brands for men. What other brands do you think is worth mentioning? Do let us know in the comment box below.