Five Types Of Watches You Should Have In Your Collection

Watches are toys for men. And since ever when you have only one toy to play with?

The stylish man understands that a watch is so much more than just a time-telling device. Watches for men not only serve a purpose of telling time, they are also one of the few accessories for men to fashion themselves for different situations and events. In this article, we’re going to take a look at the five types of watches every man should own.


The perfect combination of function and style, the chronograph has a sporty design that looks as great on the golf course as well as formal events. With many different combinations and variants, the chronograph watch is attractive and appealing, intensifying men’s sexual appeal.

Great for formal events, sports and causal wear.


Slim and understated. Most minimalist designs feature clean looking timepieces that utilize 22mm leather watch straps. These are ideal for pairing with casual outfits such as a simple plain t-shirt and jeans which gives men that clean, sharp look.

Great for causal, formal events.

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If you are a fan of beefy watches, the diver watch is a must own timepiece. The most famous diver watch of all is perhaps the Rolex Submariner. Heavy case construction, thick sapphire crystal and beefy metal bracelet. The diver watch oozes perceived toughness, emulating its tough characteristic.

Great for formal, causal events.


Every man needs an elegant evening watch to attend classy events such as fine dining or attending a concert performance. The best dress watches are designed to look subtly elegant when paired with a suit, or a shirt and tie. The dial should be simple and understated, yet still add a touch of class to any outfit.

Great for formal events.

Vintage Artisan watches

A work of simplicity and utility. Vintage artisan watches are not only well sought after by collectors, they’re also famed for their quality craftsmanship and high quality designs. These unique vintage watches aren’t usually purchased for their features – rather for their style, quality and vintage character. In a saturated world of modern watches with tons of complication, sometimes a simple clean vintage watch just stands out from the crowd.

Great for formal and causal events.


Every man has that one watch that he wants to own.

It’s usually something that is way out of his price range, and he knows he probably cant buy even he can sell his house to afford it. And, while you probably can’t afford it at the moment, it’s a target that you can work hard and save up for.

Great for dreaming.. till one day…

There you have it – the top five watches that should be in every man’s collection. What type of watch is your daily poison? Why don’t you share with us in the comment section below?