Whether you have been searching for watches for men in your local shopping mall, or are looking to buy watches online for yourself, you’ll likely have seen that there are two types of watches: mechanical watches and quartz watches. Quartz watches are powered by a small internal battery while mechanical watches are powered using the motions of your body. Among the mechanical watches, automatic watches has always been more popular as their movements are self winding and and is a more convenient option.

Although quartz watches make up at almost 90% of the watches sold in the world, automatic watches hold an undeniable important place in the hearts of watch lovers. Let’s take a look at the differences between the two to help you decide which will be best for you.


Before we look into the differences between quartz and automatic watches, there is an important question you will need to ask yourself first: Between accuracy and craftsmanship, which one will you value most?

In the world of machines, it is theoretically impossible to expect a 100% efficiency. Automatic watches are complex miniature machines. No matter how intricate the movement is assembled, there will always be a small part of energy lost through friction and other factors. Hence, automatic watches (including all mechanical watches) are unable to produce perfect accuracy in time. A Swiss COSC Certified watch generally lose or gain 3 to 6 seconds per day, which means you might be losing or gaining up to 3 to 6 minutes a month. Hence, it is very important to hunt for a reputed automatic timepiece which has a good reliable movement.

Despite so, mechanical watches are well loved due to their craftsmanship and watchmakers all over the world are continually vying with each other to create the most beautiful pieces. Some of the most unique vintage watches that feature beautiful manual winding movements can sell for thousands of dollars.

However, this doesn’t mean quartz is a bad choice. These are known for their high level of accuracy and their durable design. Some quartz watches also feature eco-friendly designs. They’re also a lot more affordable.


While the problem with quartz watches is that we might need to change its internal batteries every 3-5 years, automatic watches have their worries as well. As mentioned earlier, automatic watches are complex machines and machines need to be serviced. While automatic watches do not need to change battery such as the quartz watches, they need to be serviced from time to time.

As oils within the gears in your automatic tends to dry up and gears start to produce microscopic metal scraps in them, efficiency will definitely take a hit, leading to poor accuracy. To ensure good efficiency of the automatic movement, servicing should be done every 5-10 years which may cost up to $400 dollars depending on the complexity of the movement.


Automatic watches have limited functions, and usually just display the time.  Some may also feature the date and a stopwatch feature, but these will cost slightly more expensive. That said, because of their quality, automatic watches are often passed down through the family as heirlooms.  The watch itself is designed to last for decades, and it is often just the metal or 22mm leather watch straps that need to be interchanged. Quartz watches on the other hand are seen as timepieces that evolves with fashion rather than being designed to stand the test of time.

Thanks to their design, quartz watches tend to be able to incorporate a lot more features than mechanical watches. These features include everything from compasses, to alarms, and even GPS. It is these features that make them a huge selling point. Automatic watches, on the other hand, don’t usually contain many features, if any at all. They are designed with technology that is hundreds of years old, and people often buy them for their timeless classiness.


To be frank, there is no right or wrong answers. There are a lot of quartz watches and automatic watches in the list of best dress watches today.

The type of watch you ultimately buy will depend on what you are looking for. If you’re looking for an accurate, affordable and modern design, a quartz watch will be probably your best option. However, if you have a higher budget and you are looking for an elegant and classy design that can be passed down through the generations, you won’t go far wrong with an automatic watch. If you like the accuracy of a quartz watch and a good looking, classy design, you might like the Radhem Roulette Chronograph.

Quartz watches or automatic watch? Which one are you getting? Why dont you share with us in the comment section below?

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