Terms of warranty

REEDSCO reserves all rights to the Warranty.

Terms & Conditions

The Warranty is only limited to malfunctioned REEDSCO Products under normal use or due to defects in material or workmanship. The Warranty does not cover any defects due to case, strap, finishing, crystal and any other cosmetic damages.

In occasions where the malfunctioned Product falls under the coverage of our Warranty, we will either, at our option, (i) repair the defective Product or (ii) replace the defective products with the same or a comparable product. The Warranty will be void once the product has been modified or altered, misused, abused, tampered with or taken apart, or if the product are repaired by anyone not authorized by REEDSCO. We do not cover any transportation or shipping charges for the Product during the repair period.

REEDSCO reserves all rights to the Warranty.

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Date last updated: Nov 2019