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Discover Vintage & Classic Timepieces in REEDSCO

Watches For Men

Since 2009, REEDSCO has been producing hand textured unique vintage watches in timepieces as well as affordable best dress watches. Started off as a passion, we built our first hand textured timepiece in a old workshop. With aim to create our first unique timepiece, we tried many ways and experimented with different materials and watch parts. At that time, we were fans of old vintage timepieces. Hence, to create that worn out vintage look, we tried our hands to age the dial on our own and baked it in an home oven. In addition to the beautiful dial, we lumed it with our own custom lumina mix that provides 8 hours of visibility in total darkness. Ticking inside the case was a beautiful Seagull TY3600 which was an absolute workhorse movement in terms of reliability and robustness. Having the same design as its Swiss counterpart the ETA 6497, it was very accurate and was generally only losing 5 seconds per day. Upon completion of the timepiece, our close friends began to take interest in it. They were so fascinated by it that they recommended us to try selling on Watchuseek, one of the biggest watch forum on the net which had numerous watch lovers sporting different types of watches. Ironically, it was sold to a Singaporean businessman, Mr Eddie Sng within a day. He was the one who motivated us and that spurred us with the decision to launch our passion into business. Ever since, REEDSCO has always been an online ecommerce business with many of our customers buying watches online at REEDSCO. Many of our customers discovered REEDSCO via word of mouth and became fans of our 22mm leather watch straps when they were looking for affordable watch brands. 8 years since its establishment, we met a lot of problems and difficulties. We were just a young and naive company at that time and faced a lot of hurdles. Singapore men watch brands grew rapidly these 8 years and we unknowingly encountered some unethical business practices against us online by one of our competitors. We were fortunate that some of our customers personally informed us of the issue and we were extremely touched to know that they actually stood up and dismissed untrue rumors for us. Our passion for watches and perseverance to deliver quality timepieces to the masses led us till today. More importantly, without our loyal customers supporting us during these years, we could never be at where we are today and will continue to strive to be one of the top watch brands in Singapore.

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